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March 23
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The clatter of chains resonated throughout the room the girl was kept in. Bruises and dirt coated her body, the small cloth dress she wore a tattered mess. He hair was a wild mass of tangles, and her eyes blazed with a look of fury and fear. She truly looked like a cornered animal.

The man standing above her laughed smugly. Scorn was clearly visible on his young, handsome face. The expression did not suit him.

“Pathetic,” he spat. The girl flinched.

“I could say the same of you.” She hissed bravely. The man responded with a swift kick to the [h/c] girl’s jaw.

“You will show me respect. I own you, remember? No miracle can change that. You’re nothing but a lowly slave, and you do as I say. You have no freedom!”


Such a familiar yet foreign word to the girl. She was deprived of this right from such a young age, she has yet to experience such an exhilarating feeling. And yet…

Her head shot up, her [e/c] eyes blazing with pure fury. The girl had enough of this harassing, tormenting, tyrant of a man. Her so-called master.

“I will regain my freedom! There is such a thing as miracles. I truly believe that one day I will be released from your clutches.”

The man laughed maniacally once again. “Tsk.” He took hold of the girl’s [h/c] hair and pulled her up, making her wince. Despite this, she kept her glare directed at him.

“You really are naïve, aren’t you?”

The girl promptly proceeded to spit in his face.

He immediately dropped her and wiped the saliva from his face. He kicked the girl again, causing her to cry out.

“I’ve had enough of your games, ____.”

“Sir!” a new voice abruptly interrupted.

The man turned to the new arrival. “What is it? I’m busy.”

“I’m sorry, Lord Ponirόs. But we have received word that pirates have arrived at the port. They’ve started raiding the village!”

Pirates?! ____ wondered with fear and excitement.

“Why is that my problem?”  Ponirόs asked callously.

“Because the captain is heading towards your manor, sir!” the servant cried shrilly.

Ponirόs rolled his eyes. “Then assemble the guards and take him out!”

“But sir-!”

A commotion from above silenced the servant. All was still, until…

“Well, I hate to interrupt, but I think I’ll be taking the slave.”

____ turned her head to see a blond man downed in a red overcoat, a pirates hat, and equipped with a sword at his side. She gazed at him with wonder. He smirked smugly at Ponirόs.

For the first time ever, ____ saw her master quiver with fear. His eyes held the same look that ____’s did just minutes ago. The servant next to him retreated, terrified, into a darkened corner of the room.

“Captain… Arthur… Kirkland…” Ponirόs whispered. His eyes widened.

“What is it that you want? Money? Women? No, even better! Slaves? I have many. You can have as many as you’d like!” he squeaked.

Arthur chuckled again. “So I’m assuming that I can have the beautiful girl chained next to you?” ____ blushed furiously and looked down.  Beautiful? Who does this man think he is?!

Ponirόs glanced at ____ before turning to Arthur again. “She’s one of my most prized slaves. She acts as one of my most valiant guards.” The girl scoffed, and received a kick to the face. Arthur’s eyes darkened at witnessing this abuse.

Ponirόs leans down to ____’s level, teasingly twirling the keys to her chains just out of her reach. “You do as I say, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you outside of this room for a few hours. How does that sound?” In response the girl quivered in anticipation. Ponirόs smirked at the effect it had.

“Fight this man, kill him. If you lose, don’t expect any food or light for a week.” The girl nodded determinedly. “Good.” He whispered.

Ponirόs stood, and again addressed Arthur. “My slave will defend me. She will attempt to kill you. Be warned, she is not like most humans. If you lose, I receive all of your fortune. Very well?”

Arthur laughed again. “Very well. And in return, if I defeat her, she joins my crew. Very well?” Arthur looked ____ directly in the eye. Just through eye contact, she knew what he meant. He wanted to release her from this hell. He wanted her to willingly lose this fight.

Ponirόs lowered his head. As the selfish and callous man he is, he can’t pass up this bargain. “Very well.” He muttered darkly. He turned to ____ and unlocked her chains.

____ stood and calmly faced Arthur. He looked ____ directly in the eye. Just through eye contact, she knew what he meant. He wanted to release her from this hell. He wanted her to willingly lose this fight.

Her eyes widened, and then narrowed. She nodded stiffly. Determination was displayed on her face.

Then she charged.

She WILL regain her freedom.
Hetalia + Magi + ACIV Black Flag theme = this shit

Hello! Sorry for not being active. I've been basic with heaps of homework and assignment from school. I was put into the advanced math and science classes, so there's twice as much work. NO WAY NORWAY. 

Anyway, I've been OBSESSED with Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic, and I really like Morgiana, who is a slave, and she kind of inspired me to write this :iconmorgianaplz:

Seriously awesome anime, totally suggest you watch it.

I've always liked pirate England, and pirates in general. I was listening to the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag theme when I wrote this. LOVE IT.

Anyway, thanks for reading. And to my watchers who haven't given up on me, I love you. ROMANO.... Bro hug hug 

Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…

England (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story plot (c) Deleriosa pelvic thrust 
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Misa-Alexandra Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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deleriosa Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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